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Уральский государственный экономический университет

Северо-Казахстанский государственный университет им. М. Козыбаева

статистика посещений

Faculty of Pedagogics and Social Studies

Academic courses of lectures,
departments of social adaptation and pedagogical correction offered by teachers
for reading in foreign and home universities
on speciality "Defectology "


Graduate degree, scientific rank

Subjects of course of lectures

Amount of clock



Tebenova K.S.

Is doctor of medical sciences and professor

Age physiology and school hygiene

15 hours



Dakhbay B.

Is doctor of medical sciences and professor.

Basics of defectology

15 hours



Ahmetova N.S.

Is candidate of medical sciences and professor.

Anatomy, physiology, pathology of the organs of hearing and vision and speech Illnesses of sensorys

15 hours



Bobrova V.V.

Is candidate of pedagogical sciences and associate professor.

Correctional rhythm and logomassage

15 hours




Teacher education is the foundation of educational system and teacher is key figure. The teacher has always been a socially mature, creative, competent person who owns the entire arsenal of tools. This is a person able and willing to professional development.

The mission of the faculty: is to provide training of highly qualified specialists for the system of education and the sphere of art who will perform professional activities in the field of training, educating, personal development and implementation of inclusive policies in the multicultural environment of the region.

The faculty was established in 1996


Bachelor degree Master degree Doctorate specialty

5В010100 – pre-school education and training

6М010100 - pre-school education and training


5В010200 – Pedagogics and methods of primary education

6М010200 – Pedagogics and methods of primary education

6D010200 – Pedagogics and methods of primary education

5В010300 – Pedagogics and psychology 6М010300 – Pedagogics and psychology 6D010300 – Pedagogics and psychology
5В010500 – Defectology 6М010500 – Defectology

5В010700 - Fine arts and drawing    
5В042100 - Design    


  • Pedagogics and methods of primary education
  • preschool and psycho-pedagogical training
  • defectology
  • fine arts and design

Forms of study

  • Full-time
  • Part time

Technology of study

  • credit
  • distance learning

Teaching languages

  • Kazakh
  • Russian

Faculty Staff

  • 7 doctors of Sciences, 24 candidates of Sciences, 29 masters


  • 100026, Karaganda, Karbyshev Street, 1, Building 11
  • telephone the Faculty:/7212/35-11-55
  • Web-site: http://www.ksu.kz/
  • e-mail: socrab@mail.ru

The history of the faculty

The date of inception of the socio-pedagogical Department Academician E. A. Buketov Karaganda State University begun in 1996. Just that very case when the faculties of Karaganda pedagogic Institute became part of the University and joined together in a two - social and pedagogical - faculty, training, scientific and educational traditions which are carefully kept and are transmitted to future generations of scientists.

High mission of the teacher in the fact that the society can not exist and develop, if the younger generation, to replace the older one, was forced to start all over again, without the creative development and use of the experience that it has inherited.

So heritage of the faculty are historical and scientific components. Pedagogical intelligentsia in Central Kazakhstan actively nurtured through the creation in 1938 the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology at Teachers intsitute, which the first head became L.I.Rah.

In the terrible war years, teachers, teachers A.Turgambaev, S.Orlov, A.A.Kolyvanov came to the defense of our country, and after the great victory continued to work on teacher training for intensively developing Kazakhstan.

A significant event in the scientific and educational life of the Karaganda intellectuals began in 1950 - the year when the first defenses of dissertations for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences. The first candidates of Science were L.I.Rah N.I.Zhernosekov.

1972 was a turning point in the development of educational activities, as organized by the Karaganda State University, which became the second after the Kazakh State University named after SM Kirov university of our country.

Pedagogical faculty was organized in 1996 at the confluence of the Karaganda state University. E.A. After Buketov, Karaganda pedagogic Institute on the basis of two faculties - the faculty of pedagogics and methods of primary education and pedagogy and psychology (preschool). The Dean of the faculty of pedagogy was appointed ,candidate of pedagogical science, associate professor N.I.Khrapchenkova.

In 2008 as a result of Association established socio-pedagogical faculty, the first Dean of which was the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor L.A. Shkutina. Since 2009 the Department is headed by candidate of philosophical Sciences, associate Professor М.М.Ymanbekov.

The faculty is proud of not only its teaching staff, but also of students and undergraduates, who are actively involved in scientific and public life of our University. Witness to this are the numerous prizes and diplomas of the international, Republican, regional, city, inter-University conferences, competitions, etc.

From year to year faculty’s has stronger international relations. The geography of our partners is wide. So, the faculty maintains close relations with universities of the Republic of Kazakh national University named after al-Farabi, Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abai, and etc., - and with the universities of the post-Soviet space - Russia state University of a name of Insight, Omsk state pedagogical University, etc., - and with the universities of the far abroad - the Academy of Grenoble, Charles University, etc. An important platform for the exchange of scientific ideas was published in the framework of the faculty of collection of scientific works «Modern education», where they have the opportunity to publish our foreign and local partners, young scientists, postgraduates and students.

Achieved is carefully preserved. But history throws up new challenges. The State Program of Developing Education of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020, the new Law on Science, integration into the global scientific and educational space, and life itself require constant revision of scientists and science curriculum. The faculty has set itself the task of further constructive development. Doctors need to start preparing PhD in the field of faculty, go through the procedure of international accreditation, increase the proportion of teachers with articles in scientific journals with high impact factor, to take an active part in the scientific and methodological support transition to 12-year secondary education, have schools of the Faculty, improve the quality of education. Not stopping at the achieved, to strive for more.

S.B.Balaubaev – the head of Department of Pedagogy in 1960-1972 yy., co-author of the first textbook on the psychology in the Kazakh language

T.K.Kamzabaev - a teacher by vocation, head of the department of pedagogy in 1972-1979 years.

M.I.Imanbekov - candidate of pedagogical Sciences, engaged in the problems of developing skills and habits of the culture student’s behavior

V.I.Verhov - candidate of pedagogical Science, Headof Department of Pedagogy in the 1979-1984 years.

Teachers of the department

ПиМДВ (1991г.)

The first graduates of Master’s Degree of Faculty

The staff of Karaganda pedagogic Institute, 1996.


Огонь Азиады 28.01.2011. Город Караганда КарГУ им. Е.А.Букетова Социально-педагогический факультет
Бейсенбекова Г.Б., старший преподаватель кафедры ТиМДиППП - получила подтверждение и диплом кандидата педагогических наук.
Николаева В.В., к.п.н., доцент кафедры ТиМДиППП – решением ККСОН присвоено звание доцента по специальности 13.00.00 – Педагогика.
Карманова Ж.А., к.фс.н., доцент – получила грант МОН РК «Лучший преподаватель вуза 2010».
Мирза Н.В., д.п.н., доцент, профессор кафедры ТиМДиППП - присвоено ученое звание члена-корреспондента Российской Академии Естествознания.
Центральный Дом Ученых (Россия, г. Москва) Мирза Н.В. д.п.н., доцент (Казахстан, г. Караганда) и Камалеева А.Р. к.п.н., доцент (Россия, г.Казань)
Мирза Н.В., д.п.н., доцент, профессор кафедры ТиМДиППП – на вручении диплома члена-корреспондента Российской Академии Естествознания (Россия, г. Москва)
С 29.11.2010. по 6.12.2010. – были прочитаны гостевые лекции доктором PhD Неделка Михал Иосифовичем (Чехия, Карлов университет).
Доктор PhD Неделка Михал Иосифович (Чехия, Карлов университет)
Доктор PhD Неделка Михал Иосифович (Чехия, Карлов университет)
Неделка М.И. доктор PhD (Чехия, Карлов университет), Бельгибаева Г.К. к.п.н., зав.кафедрой ТиМДиППП, Мирза Н.В. д.п.н., доцент, Айтжанова Р.М. к.п.н., Искакова М.Б. преподаватель (КарГУ им.Е.А.Букетова).
9 декабря 2010 года – прошла Республиканская научно-методическая конференция «Современные проблемы подготовки специалистов для системы образования».
С приветственным словом к участникам конференции выступил Первый проректор КарГУ имени Е.А.Букетова Жумашев Р.М.
В работе конференции приняли участие работники вузов, школ, дошкольных учреждений, представители всех регионов Казахстана
В работе конференции приняли участие работники вузов, школ, дошкольных учреждений, представители всех регионов Казахстана

Events of the Faculty for the 2012-13 academic year

Title of events


Girls team of the Faculty took third place in the autumn cross-country race in the "Freshman".


Students 1 course won the Grand Prix competition of the Academician E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University "Jas talap - Young Talent".


Students took part in the "Dedication to Students" and awarded a diploma for active participation and brilliant performance.


According with the Development Strategy of the University was held Republican Scientific and Practical Conference "Problems of transition to the 12years model of education and training for the profile of the school," Beyndіk Mektep ".

23-24 November 2012

Club of cheerful and smart people (KVN) team "Burlesk" won 2nd place in the inter-faculty KVN tournament held in order to promote Healthy lifestyles among young people.


Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, assistant professor of theory and methods of pre-school and psycho-pedagogical training and R.B.Mazhenova and Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, assistant professor of pedagogy and methodology of primary education B.A.Zhekibaeva were awarded a grant Ministry of Education of Republic of Kazakhstan 'The Best high school teacher-2012”.


1st year student of PIP-11 D.Zhanibek took 3rd place in the contest for the best poster to promote a healthy lifestyle.


The team of professors teaching staff of the Faculty took 2nd place in the military sports competitions among the faculty of the University devoted to the 24th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.


The 3rd regional competition "The Talented teacher preschool organization" together with the Regional scientific-methodical center "Sary-Arka daryny".


The 3rd year student of the KDR-31 A.Udeshov took third place in the 17th Regional Competition "Zhas kanat - 2013" in the category "Pop Song".


1st year student of the KDR-12 S.Chuksina received the title of "Miss Sports" in the contest "Miss and Mister - 2013"


The 1st year student of the KDR-11 Bekarys received the title of "Talent of the Year" in the "Student of the Year" among students of the University.


The Command "Sary-Arka" in the students of "Defectology" A.Tokmirzaeva, Zh.Amanbay, N.Bisenova led by senior lecturer of social adaptation and educational correction Z.D.Zhusupbekova took 1st place in the 5th Republican Student Olympiad on the subject specialty "Defectology" in Pavlodar State Pedagogical University


The command "Meyіrim" within the students of "Pedagogy and self-knowledge" B.Tashtaeva, G.Satzhanova, P.Ramazan led by senior lecturer of social work and pedagogy D.K.Abilov won 3rd place in the 1st Republican student subject Olympiad in "Pedagogy and self-knowledge" in Pavlodar State Pedagogical University.


Republican scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of implementation of the" Self-knowledge "as a moral and spiritual paradigm of modern society in the Republic of Kazakhstan" in cooperation with the Department of Education of the Karaganda region and the Department for Child Protection of Karaganda region.

29 of March

Students of DF-23 (curated by senior lecturer of social adaptation and educational correction Z.Ya.Oleksyuk) took part in the competition "Best Student Group" (nominated for "most creative group")


The team of "Dostyk" the students of "Social Work" A.Sagadatova, N.Baysalova, N.Kadirhan headed by Associate Professor Department of Social Work and Pedagogy G.Zh.Dzhamalievoy took 1st place in the 5th Republican Student Olympiad on the subject "Social Work" at KSU


Student groups KDR-11 Bekarys won the Grand Prix at the university contest "Zhastar auenі - 2013"


Student groups KDR-11 Bekarys won the Grand Prix in the university competition of patriotic songs "Zhas Ulan - 2013"


KVN team "Mnogotochie" of the faculty took 1st place in the competition "El ertenі - zhastar"


Round table on "Inclusive Education: Issues, case studies, perspectives" with representatives of the National Research Center for Special Education

26 of April

Students of the Faculty have won the nomination "The most impressive performance" in the Festival of folk art festival devoted to the unity of the people of Kazakhstan "Strengthening the unity gain strength!"


we invite YOU to enter
Socio-pedagogical faculty
of E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University.

Socio-pedagogical faculty is a laboratory for the development and testing of innovative pedagogical technologies. Teachers and students of the faculty distinguishes the dedication of the pedagogical process, constant aspiration to self-improvement.

For its long history the faculty has prepared more than 5000 primary school teachers, teachers of higher educational institutions, colleges, teachers, Tutors of preschool institutions, practical psychologists, speech therapists, defectologists, social workers, pedagogues and psychologists, cultural workers, to meet the needs of the region for highly qualified specialists.

The collective of faculty successfully implements innovative forms of preparation of the pedagogical staff. Faculty initiated the Republican student's Olympiads on pedagogy and psychology, pedagogics and methodology of primary education, on social work; work has begun on the International educational program in the field of «Social work» with a view to the implementation of the joint European project TEMPUS «Professionalization of education in the social sphere» (LMTS); together with European school (Wolfen, Germany) and the social Agency «SОTSIUS» (Berlin, Germany) is an international pilot project «Introduction of the system of care for the lonely elderly and the elderly».

Socio-pedagogical faculty of today is:

  • more than a thousand students;
  • more than 70 professors, including 10 doctors of Sciences, 35 candidates of Sciences, 25 masters;
  • 7 specialties of a bachelor degree and 6 specialties of magistracy;
  • 4 deparments;
  • a rich library Fund of educational and scientific literature on electronic media;
  • modern material-technical base.

On the socio-pedagogical faculty prepared in the State and Russian languages on full-time and part time forms of training on the following specialties:

5В010100 - Pre-school education and training

Graduates can work: in pre-school institutions - teachers, methodologists, heads; in teacher training colleges, lyceums and gymnasia teachers of psychological-pedagogical disciplines; in secondary schools, gymnasiums - teacher of pre-school training; in the Departments of Education, Methodists, leading specialists; at the qualification upgrading Institutes the pedagogical staff of specialists of pre-school education.

The students of the specialty « Pre-school education and training» in practice in the kindergarten
(Conducting a walk with children)
5В010200 – Pedagogics and methods of primary education

Graduate specialization can occupy the following positions: the teacher of initial classes in comprehensive schools, ungraded school, gymnasiums, lyceums; teacher of disciplines of the pedagogical profile in the secondary professional educational institutions; methodologist in the Department of management of education and out-of-school educational institutions.

Students take an active part in Republican Olympiads

5В010300 - Pedagogics and psychology

Graduates can work: teachers of pedagogy and psychology in teacher training colleges and other vocational training institutions; Methodists in educational institutions, secondary schools, boarding schools, high schools, high schools, after-school educational and training institutions; employees specialized research institutions.

Academic hour of students of a speciality « Pedagogics and psychology»

5B010500 – Defectology

Graduates can occupy the following positions: oligofrenopedagogics - , teacher of primary, secondary, high school of the schools; surdopedagogs - deaf-and-dumb pedagogy teachers primary school teacher schools for children with hearing, auditory working teacher, speech therapist pre-school and school facilities; tiflopedagogy teachers - primary school teacher schools for children impaired vision, correction and development teacher training, primary school teacher schools for children with learning disabilities, teacher training in correctional schools, pre-school teacher of special schools for children with intellectual disabilities, hearing impaired, visually impaired, an expert on early intervention .

Undergraduate and graduate students in practice in a school for children with infringement of the musculoskeletal system

5В090500 - Social work

Graduates can work in: institutions and organizations, bodies of social protection of the population (centers for payment of pensions, departments of employment and social programs); educational institutions (out-of-school institutions, General education schools of all types and levels of schools-boarding schools, children's homes); health (curative, preventive, remedial and rehabilitation institutions); social service institutions (homes for the lonely and elderly citizens, the Department of social assistance at home for children with disabilities; and also lonely and elderly); correctional-rehabilitation centers, centers for families and children; the prison system; inspection on Affairs of minors, social shelters; services of cultural and leisure activities (teenagers ' clubs, the house of children and youth); social services in the socio-productive sphere; the non-commercial non-governmental organizations.

Teachers and students at the concert program in a the orphanage

5В090600 - Cultural and leisure time activity work

Graduates can occupy the following positions: artistic Director of the collectives in the sphere of culture and art; - the writer-Director-producer of mass festive performances; expert organizations of management of educational work in schools and out-of-school institutions; the teacher-organizer of the special operating institutions.

In the specialty provides specialization: «Pedagogy and Cultural and leisure time activity work organization in the schools and out-of-school institutions».

Entrance exams on specialty «Cultural and leisure work»:

• Kazakh/Russian,

• History Of Kazakhstan,

• Creative examinations:

1-St creative exam «Individually, performing arts». At the choice of the applicant: expressive reading (a poem, a fable, an excerpt from a literary work, the author's verses); instrumental performance (piano, dombra, Bayan, kobyz, etc.); Vocal performance (modern pop, folk and author's songs); the original genre (juggling, pantomime, etc.).

2-nd creative examination "organizing and staging capabilities." By the choice of the entrant: the organization and carrying out of the game, study or promotion of socially important topics.

5В012300 - Pedagogy and self-knowledge

Graduates can work: in the system of education in the position of a social teacher, a specialist in the protection of the rights of the child and other bodies of the social support for the unemployed and needy; and in the state structures (the Committee for the protection of the rights of children Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regional departments for the protection of the rights of children), the institutions of social direction (the bodies of social security, support and assistance to the unemployed, the poor, the disabled, the able-bodied with a limit); educational establishments of the state and non-state financing (preschool organizations of education, schools, children's homes, boarding schools, special educational institutions); institutions, associated with the problems of the education and development of the younger generation in the public environment (correction and rehabilitation centers, special schools, children's receivers, colony); institutions, connected with the organization of children's leisure and support of children's creativity, full-socialization of the personality development of the young generation (public organizations, children's clubs, Studio, holiday camps).

The victory of students in Republican Olympiad

Education for all specialties are on credit technology. Graduates with a bachelor's degree may enroll for further study at Master's degree: 6M010100 - Pre-school education and training, 6M010200-pedagogy and methodology of primary education, 6M010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology, 6M090500 - Social work, 6M010500 - Defectology, 6M012300 - Pedagogy and self-knowledge.

Nonresident students are provided a hostel. Nonresident students are provided hostel. In housing has school student canteen. For students of KSU of academician E .A Buketov have of all opportunities for good entertainment and activities of all kinds of sports. Our students serve students clinic and dispensary, and living quarters. The university has a sports center, a stadium, a gymnasium and the Palace of students, ski base. During the summer holidays, students can relax in the fitness camp on the Topar’s reservoir in a recreation area Karkaralinsk, Balkhash.

International cooperation

One of the strategic directions of innovation activities of Socio- pedagogical Faculty is the innovation policy. The primary objectives of this policy are: the introduction of foreign experience of training, exchange of experience and the creation of conditions for academic mobility of faculty, graduates and students, the development of scientific relations.

As a solution to these problems appears to form a stable system of scientific relations of the Faculty with departments and centers abroad universities, scientific societies and organizations.At this the faculty has a number of agreements on cooperation in the field of education and science with various foreign universities and international organizations.

As part of these agreements professors, graduate students and socio-pedagogical faculty are trained annually, thus enriching their knowledge of the achievements of foreign science and practice. In addition, the effectiveness of foreign travel of the teaching staff is not only the professional development of teachers, but also the opportunity to share their experience at the level of the department, the Faculty and the university, sharing experiences, developing new courses, development and activation of scientific interests.

Recently, the widespread practice of guest lectures by leading international scholars in the field of pedagogy, psychology, social work in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. Topicsof guest lectures related to the relevant areas of science and practice.

In 2009, a guest lecture Doctor of Psychology Sciences, N.B Mikhailova (Germany) for the course "Psihologistika and Social Psychology", Doctor of Philosophy Scineces, Professor A. Medvedev (Russia) for the course "Modern Problems of Theory and History of Culture", in 2010 - Dr. PhD Michal Nedelka (Czech Republic) at the rate of "The Bologna Process: Pros and Cons", in 2012 - PhD Dr. Jan Danek (Slovakia) at the rate of "Pedagogy". This form of academic mobility is the most appropriate to review a large number of students, graduates and teachers with modern trends of psychological and pedagogical theory and practice.

Agreements on international cooperation: Interkulturelle Weiterbildungsgesellschaft eV (Germany, Dusseldorf), Charles University, Czech Republic (Prague), the University of St.. Cyril and Methodius (Slovakia, Trnava), Central European Education Institute (Slоvakiya, Bratislava), Moscow State University of Technology and management. K.G. Razumovsky (Russia, Moscow), Vyatka State Humanities University (Russia, Kirov), etc.

An important form of international cooperation by research training of teachers and students. Their geography is wide and varied: Istituto di Psicologia Analitica Esistenziale di Ascoli Piceno (Italy), Charles university in Prague (Czech Republic), Baltic Federal University of Immanuel Kant (Russia), Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), University Otto von Gerins (Germany), Alexander Ioan Cuza University (Romania), etc.

The teaching staff of the Faculty are actively involved in the implementation of international grant programs TEMPUS, the subjects of which reflect different aspects of the scientific and practical research. Such as: a two-tier system (Licence-Master) training in social psychology to work with migrants in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, modernization and development of training programs in pedagogy and management of education in Central Asia;creation of of the Central Asian Higher Education: Tuning the structure and creation of a culture of quality, etc. These projects carried out close cooperation and exchange of experience of our faculty researchers with scientists neighbor (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and others ) and far (Italy, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, etc.) abroad.

Essential part of international scientific cooperation are publishing the results of research scientists of the Faculty in foreign top-rated journals and foreign scientists in scientific journals of university and faculty. Faculty scientists are published in countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, the U.S., China, Ukraine, etc. In turn, an important platform for scientific exchange of ideas are the scientific journal "Vestnik of Karaganda State University. Education Series and the scientific journal "Modern Education ", which are published by scientists from Slovakia, Russia, France, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, etc.

Thus, the Socio-pedagogical Faculty has all the conditions for effective international cooperation to facilitate the implementation of the faculty, undergraduates and students of their academic interests.

Foreign partners of the Faculty

  • Academy of Grenoble / France /
  • Milan Catholic University of the Sacred Heart / Italy/
  • University of Alexander Ioan Cuza / Romania /
  • Euro School of Bitterfeld / Germany /
  • Charles University / Czech Republic /
  • Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAE) / Russia /
  • Moscow State University of Technology and Management / Russian /
  • Russian State Social University / Russia /
  • Immanuel Kant Russian State University / Russia /
  • Vyatka State University of Humanities / Russia /
  • Omsk State Pedagogical University / Russia /
  • Tomsk State University / Russia /
  • Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy / Russia /

Scientific direction of socio-pedagogical faculty

The research activities of teacher staff pedagogical faculty aimed at the realization of the fundamental scientific theme "Development of scientific principles and techniques of training for lifelong education system." In this context, the research departments of the faculty are reflected in the Strategic Plan of the Karaganda State University. EA Buketov for 2011-2015 and in the fundamental research program with key targets and indicators for 2013-2020 years. Socio-pedagogical faculty actively participates in 2 international TEMPUS project on the issue: "Design and development of training programs in educational management in Central Asia EDUSA" (Germany) and the International Project TEMPUS-IV (LTMS) (LMPSMN-516721-TEMPUS -1-2011-1-RO-TEMPUS-JPCR) on "Training licensee in social psychology" (Romania, France).

The purpose of exchange research at the Faculty of established international cooperation with foreign countries universities. Among them, the cooperation with InterkulturelleWeiterbildungsgesellschafte-V (Germany, Düsseldorf), Charles University, Czech Republic (Prague), Moscow State University of Technology and Management (Moscow, Russia), Vyatka State University of Humanities (Russia, Kirov), the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant (Russia, Kaliningrad), Omsk State University (Russia, Omsk), etc.

Special importance attaches to activities SASM(Scientific Association of Students and Masters ) faculty. Masters and students are actively involved in research activities of the faculty. Their work reflects the different aspects of the development of modern pedagogy. For efficient organization of research masters and students held guest lectures with participation of foreign scientists in the field of general psychology and pedagogy, social and special education, social work. The scientific achievements of the faculty of pedagogical faculty published in scientific journals, magazines recommended Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Committee for Control of Education and Science, in journals with high impact factor, as well as in materials research conferences at various levels.

The direction and content of educational work of the socio-pedagogical Department

Educational work in the socio-pedagogical faculty is carried out on following directions:

Civil and Patriotic education. This area envisages the formation of the students a solid civil position and Patriotic consciousness, awareness and positioning yourself as a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan; forming of socially significant civil and Patriotic values, opinions and beliefs; the formation of deep respect and reverence of the symbols of the state coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan; formation of respect for the historical past and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, respect towards the state language, national traditions and customs.

Socio-political and legal education provides for the formation of the students ' knowledge of and respect for the legislative acts, regulating the norms of public and collective life in the Republic of Kazakhstan; formation of the needs of the active counteracting the destructive manifestations of religious extremism.

Spiritual and moral education provides for the formation of the student youth of universal spiritual and moral values and needs; the formation of ethical principles, norms and attitudes that are consistent with the norms and traditions of the life of society.

Aesthetic and multicultural education provides for the formation of the students ' aesthetic tastes, values and needs through an introduction to the achievements of domestic and world artistic culture; the formation of the knowledge, respect and tolerant attitude to the culture of multinational Kazakhstan; realization of multinationality of the country as a historical and cultural achievements.

Intellectual and creative education provides for the development of the intellectual level of students and the formation of creative and innovative approaches to training, scientific, socio-cultural activity as a basis of formation of the competitive personality.

Physical education and formation of healthy way of life. This area envisages the formation of the students ' perceived needs and skills of a healthy way of life, the formation of a negative attitude to all manifestations of antisocial behavior.

Environmental and labor education provides for the formation and development of the students ' ethically responsible attitude to the surrounding world, the nature, reasonable relationship with her; the formation of the need of active participation in the labor groups, implementation, student construction and labor groups, implementation of the program of planting of greenery of the country «Zhasyl El».

Dean’s office
Address: Karaganda, Mukanova 1str, Building 10, Room № 301, Tel: 77-04-33

Department of Pedagogy and methodology of primary education:
Address: Karaganda, Mukanova 1str, Building 10, Room № 204, Tel: 77-03-70

Theory and a preschool and psycho-pedagogical training:
Address: Karaganda, Mukanova 1str, Building 10, Room № 202, Tel: 77-03-70

Department of Social Work and Pedagogy:
Address: Karaganda, Mukanova 1str, Building 10, Room № 303, Tel: 77-04-30

The department of social adaptation and educational correction:
Address: Karaganda, Mukanova 1str, Building 10, Room № 304, Tel:77-04-30

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24.05 23 мая 2017 года в пресс-центре Дворца студентов состоялась диалоговая площадка на тему «Взгляд в будущее глазами молодежи. Модернизация общественного сознания», организованная Комитетом по делам молодежи КарГУ.
24.05 23 мая 2017 года в целях популяризации Программной статьи Президента Республики Казахстан Н.А. Назарбаева «Болашаққа бағдар: рухани жаңғыру» - «Взгляд в будущее: модернизация общественного сознания», а также привлече
23.05 23 мая 2017 года. Команда КарГУ в составе студентов специальностей "Экономика", "Мировая экономика" и "Биология" (Карибаева А.Б., Жаусанова Д.Г., Асан С.Д.) заняла 1 общекомандное место на IX Международном чемпионате "Молодежь и предприн
19.05 7-8 сентября 2017 года Казахстанская ассоциация организаций нефтегазового и энергетического комплекса KAZENERGY совместно с компанией «Шелл Казахстан» в рамках IX Молодежного Форума KAZENERGY планируют провести игры «STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENG

Культурная жизнь
19.05 Концерт Фархада Маденова
10.05 6 мая 2017 года прошла 72-я легкоатлетическая эстафета на призы областной газеты «Индустриальная Караганда», посвященная Дню Победы. Команды Карагандинского государственного университета им. академика Е.А. Букетова (трудового коллектива и м
10.05 5 мая 2017 года в Карагандинском государственном университете имени академика Е.А. Букетова состоялась праздничная программа, посвященная Дню защитника Отечества и 72-й годовщине Победы в Великой Отечественной войне.
02.05 27 апреля 2017 года в Карагандинском государственном университете прошел региональный фестиваль национальных культур «Біз - бір ел, бір халықпыз!» - «Мы одна страна, один народ!», посвященный Празднику единства народа Казахстана.
02.05 26 апреля 2017 года юбилейным концертом народный ансамбль танца «Жаркын» Карагандинского государственного университета имени Е.А. Букетова отметил свое 40-летие. Поздравляем народный ансамбль танца «Жаркын» с 40-летием творческой деятельнос
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